For immediate Release- August 24, 2017  

Harvey will make landfall, Friday night, west of Matagorda Bay, once inland it will weaken considerably, and stall. There are two possible tracks it could take after stalling it will either move east/northeast or move back into the Gulf, either scenario will inundate the area with rain and flooding is anticipated. Hurricane Harvey is currently a category 1 hurricane the National Hurricane Center has predicted that it can become a category 3 hurricane by landfall.

Flash Flood Watch is in effect for Montgomery County  

Montgomery County rainfall predictions between Friday and Tuesday are between 15 and 25 inches. The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, elected officials and first responders continue to prepare for potential flooding in Montgomery County. Extremely high rainfall amounts could lead to a catastrophic flood event.  

If you live in a flood prone area make plans to stay with friends and/or family or make other preparations as necessary.  When you stay in an area that is prone to flooding, you not only put yourself and your family in danger, you put emergency responders in danger as well.  

Some of the School Districts have decided to close or alter their schedules for Friday. They are listed below, please follow up with them or monitor their websites for further information.

Montgomery Independent School District will be releasing early Friday, August 25, 2017

Secondary (6th-12th grades): 11:30am      Elementary (PreK-5th grades): 1:00pm

Schools closed tomorrow Friday, August 25, 2017:

Conroe Independent School District

Willis Independent School District

Splendora Independent School District

For help and information on preparing for disasters, download our new preparedness app ReadyMCTX to your mobile device. Now is the time to make sure preparations are in order and check your emergency kits. 

Hurricane Warning in effect from Port Mansfield to Sargent 

Tropical Storm Warning in effect from Matagorda to High Island 

The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, elected officials and our partners will continue to monitor the conditions of Harvey and update when necessary. 

To receive emergency alerts to your phone or email from Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management, register at https://www.smart911.com/. When you are creating your profile, you must check the box next to Share my Smart911 Profile with TX-Montgomery-County-911 to support emergency preparedness. 

 Stay informed and monitor conditions for Montgomery County and the surrounding area on the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website www.mctxoem.org, NOAA Weather Radio, KStar 99.7FM or your favorite news source for vital weather related information.