Tropical Storm Beta

September 21, 2020

Tropical Storm Beta
Status Update from the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Tropical Storm Beta is set to make landfall today at 7PM in the Matagorda Bay area. Heavy rain and flash flooding may occur with this slow-moving tropical system. Greatest risk for flash flooding will be along the TX and LA coasts where a Flash Flood Watch has been issued. Amounts will be dependent on the eventual track of Beta and if any persistent thunderstorm bands set up. Coastal counties and areas around Matagorda Bay can expect the heaviest rain.

The forecast rain amounts remain the most uncertain part of the forecast, but has decreased since yesterday. At this time Montgomery County is forecast to receive between 4-6 inches of rain in the next 36 hours. It is important that residents continue to monitor the weather over the next 36 hours.