Tropical Storm Barry- 7.11.19

At this time, it seems we have narrowly escaped Tropical Storm Barry. The predicted landfall remains on the Louisiana coast and has now moved further east. The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will continue to monitor and update on any new developments, should this forecast change over the next 24-48 hours.


The greatest take away from Tropical Storm Barry, is to prepare yourselves and your families for any type of disaster that could come our way.

  • Prepare and review your kit supplies.
  • Check on your neighbors to make sure they are also prepared.
  • Prepare around your home, trim any trees that could cause damage to your home if we have hurricane force winds.
  • Clear gutters, ditches and drainage areas of debris that could cause flooding.
  • Have a plan for all pets and animals large and small.

For help and information on preparing for disasters, download our new preparedness app ReadyMCTX to your mobile device. Now is the time to prepare. You can also go to our website for preparedness checklists, family planning and other information.

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