Vehicle Repair or replacement

SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance are only for individuals or household who do not qualify for the SBA may be eligible for the following types of assistance:

  • Transportation Assistance- FEMA may provide financial assistance with disaster-caused vehicle repair or replacement expenses.  The amount of Transportation Repair and Replacement Assistance awarded is based on the degree of damage and the state, territorial or tribal government’s repair and replacement maximum.
    • For vehicles repair up to $550, for vehicles Replacement up to $9000 based on eligibility.
    • Required Documentation
      • Generally, FEMA will verify vehicle damage during an on-site inspection and record it as repairable or destroyed. If the vehicle is not available at the time of inspections or applicant does not receive an on-site inspection FEMA requests that applicants submit:
        • A copy of valid vehicle registration at the time of the disaster
        • A list of all vehicles owned (year, make, model) and a brief description of damage of each vehicle.
        • Proof of liability insurance coverage or statement that insurance coverage does not exist.
        • For vehicle repair, a verifiable bill, receipt, or estimate from a mechanic that does the following:
          • Confirms the damage is disaster-caused
          • Identifies repair or replacement cost (parts, service, and labor)
          • Includes the mechanic’s contact information.