Texas Flood Awareness Week May 21st – May 25th, 2018- Four Things to Know About Flood Insurance

As we now know, some places that have never flooded; flooded during Hurricane Harvey. If you don’t already have flood insurance now get it now!

From the Texas Department of Insurance

Flood insurance: 4 things to know

Homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood damage. Here are four things to know when deciding if you need flood insurance.

1) Know your flood risk

Flood maps show areas of high, moderate, and low flood risk as a series of zones. You can search for the flood map that includes your property at FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center.

2) There’s a wait

Most flood policies have a 30-day waiting period before kicking in so don’t wait for an approaching storm before deciding to buy coverage.

3) What it costs

The average flood policy costs about $700 a year. The cost will vary depending on your flood risk, the value of your home, and other factors.

4) Where to get it

Visit FloodSmart.gov to find an agent in your area and more information.