Texas Flood Awareness Week May 21- May 25, 2018 – Flood Safety – What Happens When Part 2…

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN…. I decide to walk through flood waters so see what is going on in my neighborhood? Countless call were made to Montgomery County first responders to rescue people out walking in flood waters. To date, one death has been attributed from this storm.

  • FACT: You are putting yourself at risk of drowning, or being carried away by a current, or being sucked into a culvert.
  • FACT: The force on a person’s legs in water moving at 3mph is the equivalent to the mass of 16.5 lbs.- water flowing at 7.2 mph can wash people off their feet in a depth of 9 to 10 inches- water flowing at 4 mph can wash people off their feet in a depth of 3 feet- water flowing at 2.2 mph can cause difficulty for people trying to retain their balance in 3 feet of water- 15cm of fast flowing water can knock you off your feet and be enough for you to be unable to regain your footing.
  • FACT: Flood water can be contaminated by chemicals or raw sewage, contain diseases, debris, ants, snakes and other wildlife. If powerlines are down the water may also be electrically charged.