Personal Property

SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance are only for individuals or household who do not qualify for the SBA may be eligible for the following types of assistance:

  • Personal Property Assistance – FEMA may provide financial assistance to repair or replace personal property damaged or destroyed due to a disaster. FEMA and the affected state, territorial, or tribal government establishes a maximum quantity that may be awarded for each personal property item. FEMA calculates the award amount for each item according to the consumer price index data for items of average quality, size, and capacity in the area where the damage occurred. FEMA will record personal property as being unaffected or needing repair or replacement during inspection of the applicant’s damaged primary residence. Assistance to repair and replace personal property falls within the following categories:
    • Appliances: includes standard household appliances, such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc.
    • Clothing: essential clothing needed due to overall loss, damage, or contamination
    • Room furnishings: Standard furnishings found in a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.
    • Essential tools: Tools and equipment required by an employer as a condition of employment and items required as a condition of an applicant’s or household member’s education. Examples of essential tools:
      • Schoolbooks/supplies- Equipment and supplies required to be provided by the applicant for educational courses or schooling, including home schooling, college, and trade school.
      • Uniforms- Required for school or work when the applicant is responsible for replacement of the uniforms.
      • Computers- Required by a school or employers (not self- employed) when the applicant is responsible for the replacement of the computer.
      • Occupational Tools- Essential tools and equipment required by an employer (not self-employed) as condition of employment.
    • Applicants may be asked to provide the following documentation for essential tools:
      • A statement from employer on company letterhead documenting the applicant is required to provide their own tools as a condition of employment.
      • A statement on school letterhead documenting a computer is required as a condition of education and does the school does not provide access to computers to use outside of class, such as a school computer lab.
      • An itemized list of the tools required by the employer, also on company letterhead.
      • An itemized list of each tool required and a verifiable statement, estimate, or bill from the place of the potential purchase stating that the damage was caused by the disaster.
    • There is no cap for program as long as it does not exceed the $33,300 max event total.