Non- SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance does not require the applicant to apply for a Small Business Administration Loan (SBA) before being considered.

  • Funeral Assistance – FEMA provides financial assistance to individuals and households with disaster-caused funeral expenses. The applicant does not need to live in the Presidentially-declared disaster area to be considered for the assistance. The individual who incurs the expense related to a death directly caused by a declared emergency or major disaster may apply for and, if eligible, receive Funeral Assistance.  Applicants must meet the general conditions of eligibility as well as the following conditions of eligibility:
    • A state, local, territorial or tribal government licensed medical official, has determined the cause of death was a direct result of the disaster.
    • The applicant incurred or will incur eligible funeral expenses not covered by other sources.
    • The maximum allowable for funeral expenses is up to $9000 based on eligibility.