Flash Flood Watch Now in Effect- 12.7.18

Flash Flood Watch Now In Effect

For Immediate Release- December 7, 2018

We continue to see bands of showers and heavy rain moving into the area this afternoon.  The National Weather Service has increased the rainfall amounts for Montgomery County to between 3 and 6 inches, with some portions expected to see higher levels of 7-8”. These rainfall totals are for the 12-24 hour period, and are an average. Any rainfall rates greater than 3-4” in an hour will be cause for concern. This rain is the result of a storm system moving across our area, so wind damage is possible from tornado or sheer winds. It is anticipated that the heavy rains should move out of the area Saturday morning around 9AM.

With this episode of heavy rainfall flash flooding and or street flooding is likely, especially overnight tonight. Remember it now gets dark early, so driver visibility is already reduced earlier in the day.

Montgomery County is currently under a Flash Flood Watch through Saturday at noon.

Major watersheds expect flooding level from action to moderate stage and we may not fully see these crests until Monday afternoon.  If you live on or near a waterway, please stay vigilant. Remember: Just because rains have left the area, flooding of those waterways may occur in a couple of days.

Stay indoors tonight and stay off of the roadways if at all possible. We do expect roadway flooding and closures late tonight and into the morning.

To receive emergency alerts to your phone or email from Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management, register at http://www.mc911.org/page/ecd.AlertMCTX. When you are creating your profile, you must check the box next to ‘Share my Smart911 Profile with TX-Montgomery-County-911’ to support emergency preparedness.

Stay informed and monitor conditions for Montgomery County and the surrounding area on the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website www.mctxoem.org, Facebook, or Twitter, NOAA Weather Radio, KStar 99.7FM.