Flash Flood Watch Issued for Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas

Flash Flood Watch will go into effect Wednesday 6/5/19 morning at 1:00 AM and go through Thursday 6/6/19 7:00 AM.

 “Stay Put” Flash Flooding (Select if Anticipating High Rainfall Rates; 2-4″/hour or 4-8″/ 3 hours)

– Drive with caution. Car may flood in low-lying areas. Ponding on roadways may increase risk of hydroplaning. 

– Do not attempt to travel while flooding is occurring. Roads could be impassible.

– Underpasses and low-water crossings could be life-threatening.

– If caught in a sinking vehicle, get OUT.

– Rain may move repeatedly across the same area, causing a rapid rise on creeks and bayous. Bayous could exceed banks and structure flooding is possible.

– Pay attention to the weather. Monitor the NWS, your local media, and other official weather information sources.