Individuals and Households Program (IHP):

**Five Reasons FEMA Might Say You are Ineligible for Housing Assistance and Five Ways You Might Be Able to Change That Decision**

Look at Individuals & Households Program Unified Guidance for detailed information.

  • Lodging Expense Reimbursement (LER): Financial assistance to reimburse for hotels, motels, or other short-term lodging while an applicant is displaced from his or her primary residence.
    • How long is Short-term?
      • Up to 7 days from your initial Rental Assistance Award.
    • LER does not cover Phone, Laundry, Internet, Movies, Food and Pet Charges
    • Ch. 4 pg. 43 Click on “Individual & Household Programs Unified Guidance” above.
  • Rental Assistance: Financial assistance to rent alternate housing accommodations while an applicant is displaced from his or her primary residence.
  • Continued Temporary Rental Assistance: FEMA may provide Continued Rental Assistance to eligible applicants based on need, and generally only when adequate, alternate housing is not available, or when the applicant’s permanent housing plan has not been fulfilled through no fault of the applicant. The continued temporary housing need must be documented and the applicant must continue to work toward obtaining permanent housing to remain eligible for Continued Rental Assistance.
  • Repair Assistance: To help repair an owner-occupied primary residence, utilities, and residential structure, including privately-owned access routes (driveways, roads, or bridges) to a safe and sanitary living or functioning condition.
    • Repair assistance may be used for:
      • Structural parts of your home (foundation, outside walls, roof).
      • Septic or sewage system.
      • Well or other water system.
      • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.
      • Utilities (electrical, plumbing, and gas systems).
      • Entrance and exit ways from your home, including privately owned access roads.
      • Blocking, leveling, and anchoring of a mobile home and reconnecting or resetting its sewer, water, electrical, fuel lines, and tanks.
    • Ch. 4 pg. 52-53 Click on “Individual & Household Programs Unified Guidance” above.
    • More information: Click here
  • Replacement: Financial assistance to help replace uninsured or under-insured owner-occupied primary residence when the residence is destroyed.
    • Ch. 4 pg. 56-57 Click on “Individual & Household Programs Unified Guidance” above.