Emergency Operations Center

 When large scale events or disasters occur, the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) functions as a central point where government officials and local agencies exercise direction and control as well as coordinating necessary resources.  The function is to collect, gather, and analyze data, make decisions to protect life and property, maintain continuity of the organization and response efforts and disseminate decisions and information to all concerned agencies and individuals. By gathering the decision makers together and supplying them with the most current information, the best actions can be taken to ensure a positive outcome of the event taking place.


The Emergency Operations Center is generally responsible for:

  • Providing resource support for incident command operations
  • Issuing community-wide warnings
  • Issuing instructions and providing information to the general public
  • Organizing and implementing large scale activation
  • Organizing and implementing shelter and mass arrangements for evacuees
  • Coordinating traffic control for large-scale evacuations
  • Requesting assistance from the State and other external resources
  • Houses an Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Room
  • Houses a backup 911 call center