Disaster Response Staffing Sign-Up

To continue responding to our growing population, ensuring that citizens remain safe and have their basic needs met, and that Montgomery County as a whole recovers from all disasters it is essential that the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and its partners receive staffing assistance. During a disaster Montgomery County operates with a skeletal crew, we at the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management are hopeful that the tier structure will help us better utilize one of our greatest resources, county employees.

We hope to use the tier structure below to staff all functions of disaster response, and relief.  When the EOC is activated it is in operation 24 hours a day until response actions no longer require constant management. We operate on a 12 hour shift schedule, therefore staff is needed on the same schedule.

TIER I:    Primary Department Liaison

TIER II:     Secondary Department Liaison

TIER III:     Emergency Services & Emergency Operations Center Support

TIER I: First Responders and all personnel needed for the continued operation of critical functions that are identified in Continuity Annexes/ESF’s or EAP’s.  Department heads or employee designated by the department head to perform functions related to that specific department.

TIER II: Primary Support Staff: This category includes all personnel (such as staff, administrative managers, technical/specialized positions, etc.)

TIER III: Relief: Personnel in this category will be utilized on a need basis per expertise and skills. They may be assigned to duties that may not be in their normal course and scope of duties, but may be assigned by the County Judge/EMC/Department Director to report to an alternate work location within our county. They may be further required to work once the emergency is over for a duration that is agreed upon by both OHSEM and the department. Examples include, but are not limited to runners, assistance in shelter or donation centers operations, conducting damage assessments, and assisting with project reimbursement auditing support