Childcare and Medical/Dental Assistance

Non- SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance does not require the applicant to apply for a Small Business Administration Loan (SBA) before being considered.

  • Child Care Assistance- FEMA provides financial assistance to eligible individuals and households who have a disaster-caused increased financial burden for child care.  A one-time payment for Child Care Assistance for the households increased financial burden for up to eight cumulative weeks of child care, plus any eligible expenses or the maximum amount of assistance identified by the state, territorial or tribal government, whichever is less.  Applicants must meet the general conditions of eligibility as well as being able to show that there is an increased financial burden that is a direct result of a disaster.  Applicant must also certify they cannot utilize child care services provided by any other source in order to qualify for Child Care Assistance.
    • The maximum amount allowable for child care assistance is up to $2000 per household based on eligibility.
    • Increased financial burden can be identified as:
      • Child Care closed due to direct result of the disaster, and applicant was required to find a new child care provider with an increased cost of care
      • Applicant has reduced income or loss of income due to direct result of the disaster.
      • Pre-disaster child care was not needed; post- disaster child care is now needed.
  • Medical and Dental Assistance-FEMA provides financial assistance to individuals and household with medical or dental expense that is a direct result of the disaster, as verified by a medical or dental provider.  Expenses will not be eligible for FEMA reimbursement if they are covered by insurance or any other source.

    There is no cap for program as long as it does not exceed the $33,300 max event total.