As you know we are closely monitoring the two developments in the Gulf and off the coast of Africa.  As a result of this, we need to shore up a few items around here.


  1. Please have all forms of communication on, and with you at all times.  If one of us needs to get ahold of each other, we need to be able to do that in a timely fashion.  If there is one # that you prefer we use, please push that out to everyone now.
  2. Gwen, please go through each work station, in the EOC, and ensure that there are pens/pencils/notepads at each desk.  Remove any old correspondence that you may find from previous activations
  3. In the event of an activation, we will swing into shift work, please make sure that you have everything at home squared away.  Any scheduling conflicts that you think may arise, please let me know now.  There is a chance we will increase our operational levels as early as tomorrow.
  4. Megan, get with Tamera and see about installing a couple of additional phones in the new training room area, as well as the old training room.  I would like 3 in the new training room and 4 in the outside room.
  5. Cynthia, Morgan, Miranda please be ready to assume a planning position.  Miranda, please put together a crash refresher course on this position and set a time for tomorrow to conduct it
  6. If anyone see’s anything that needs to be adjusted or tweaked please let me know asap


Thank you in advance for the hard work that is about to begin, and a BIG THANK YOU for the hard work that you continually give this office.