U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA): The Small Business Administration (SBA) can loan low-interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, and business owners. Businesses can borrow up to $2 million to repair/replace disaster property damage. Homeowners may borrow up to $200,000 for disaster related home repairs. Homeowners and renters may borrow up to $40,000 to replace disaster-damaged personal property including vehicles. The SBA may not duplicate benefits from your insurance or FEMA. You may receive an SBA referral when you apply with FEMA. Homeowners and renters should submit their SBA disaster loan application, even if they are not sure if they will need or want a loan. If SBA cannot approve your application, in most cases we refer you to FEMA’s Other Needs Assistance (ONA) program for possible additional assistance. SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance are only for individuals or household who do not qualify for the SBA may be eligible for the following types of assistance: Personal Property Assistance Transportation Assistance Moving and Storage Assistance Group Flood Insurance Policy Non- SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance does not require the applicant to apply for a Small Business Administration Loan (SBA) before being considered. Assistance for Miscellaneous Items Child Care Assistance Critical Needs Assistance Funeral Assistance Medical and Dental Assistance Steps to receive Other Needs Assistance (ONA) Program Work – Individual must apply for FEMA for assistance If applicant does not meet the income criteria during the application process they will be immediately referred to the Other Needs Assistance Program. If the applicant receives an SBA application from. It must be filled out and returned If the applicant is not eligible for SBA; the applicant will be referred to ONA If you are approved for SBA but decline the funds you will be ineligible for SBA Dependent Programs, however you may still be eligible to apply for Non-SBA Dependent Programs. Once ONA is identified (under eligible program) the process is approved and funds are immediately deposited into banking account, or a paper check will be mailed depending on the applicant’s preference. Questions: Call 1-800-659-2955 from 8AM – 9Pm (EDT) Monday – Friday Email SBA at Application/Information: English Spanish First Register with FEMA if you have not done so already: or, Call 1-800-621-3362 Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability and use a TTY, call 1-800-462-7585 711 and Video Relay Service (VRS) 1-800-621-3362 Application deadlines: Physical Damage: October 24, 2017 Economic Injury: May 25, 2018 Interest Rates: No Credit Available Elsewhere Credit Available Elsewhere Business Loans 3.305% 6.610% Non-Profit Organization Loans 2.500% 2.500% Home Loans 1.7505 3.500% More information: English Spanish


Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Disaster Legal Services (DLS) The National Flood Insurance Program Individuals and Household Programs Financial Housing Assistance Rental Assistance Lodging Expense Reimbursement Home Repair Assistance Home Replacement Assistance Direct Housing Assistance Manufactured Housing Units Multi-Family Lease and Repair Permanent or Semi-Permanent Housing Other Needs Assistance SBA Dependent Personal Property Assistance Transportation Assistance Moving and Storage Assistance Group Flood Insurance Policy Other Needs Assistance Non-SBA Dependent Funeral Assistance Medical and Dental Assistance Child Care Assistance Miscellaneous or Other Items Assistance Lodging Expense Reimbursement (LER) Rental Assistance Repair Assistance Replacement


    Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management DEBIDO DEL CONDICCIONES DE LA CLIMA, HAY UN POSSIBILIDA DE QUE VAN A EXTENDER LA PULVERIZACION AEREA DE MOSQUITOS Para Publicación Inmediatamente – 20 de septiembre Del 2017 El Departamento de Servicios de Salud del Estado de Texas ha indicado que aproximadamente 75% del condado de Montgomery fue pulverizado. Si los condicciones de la clima nos permita, v aver dos aviones volando en la noche para terminar de pulverizar. Si los condicciones de la clima no esa favorable, la pulverización aerea va terminar manana 21 de septiembre. Informaremos al público cuando se termine la pulverización. Si tiene receptores sensibles, es decir, abejas, mascotas y jardines orgánicos, continúe supervisando nuestro sitio web para las ultimas noticias ###      

Press Release AERIAL SPRAYING MAP 9.14.17

Aerial Spraying Map For Immediate Release – September 14, 2017 The Texas Department of State Health Services has provided the following spray area map for the dates of September 14th through the 20th.   Weather permitting the spraying will start tonight and will be conducted over different areas per night, from dusk till dawn. The large aircraft, a modified C-130 military aircraft, can be seen flying low and heard from a distance. The amount of insecticide used is about an ounce (one to two tablespoons) per acre.  If you would prefer to stay inside and close your windows and doors when spraying takes place, you can, but is not necessary.   The pilots will be conducting flights for aerial surveying during daytime hours. Do not be alarmed, these flights are not releasing insecticide. Organized outdoor activities such as football games will still see the low flying planes.  The aircraft is sophisticated enough to allow the insecticide spray to be regulated, and the pilots will stop the spraying as they fly over these highly populated areas. The insecticide that will be used is Naled.  According to the CDC, when large areas need to be treated quickly aerial spraying is the most effective and does not present a risk to people, pets or other animals. The insecticide is dispersed by airplanes equipped with nozzles that create droplets just the right size to kill mosquitoes. Once any remaining droplets settle to the ground, they quickly break down on surfaces, in water and in sunlight. Here are some ways that you can help eliminate mosquito problems: Help eliminate any standing water (even small amounts) to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs. If water cannot be eliminated, such as in ornamental water features, use larvicides (available at many retailers) or other control measures to minimize opportunities for breeding. For example, you might be able to add fish that eat larvae to a pond, or add a fountain or aerator to keep the water moving. Use window and door screens to keep mosquitoes from entering your home, workplace, or children’s schools. Use EPA-registered insect repellents to prevent getting bitten. Products that are EPA-registered have been confirmed to be safe and effective when you follow the directions. Dress in light-colored clothing, long pants, and long sleeves. Before then continue to monitor our website for any further information. ###  

Atención: Seguro Contra Inundación y Recuperación

Seguro contra inundación y recuperación Para publicación inmediatamente – 14 de Septiembre del 2017 La oficina de Montgomery County de Homeland Security y Emergency Management continúa trabajando con los contratistas recogiendo los escombros en su propiedad. Ayúdanos a ayudarles, visita el sitio web para reportar sus escombros y daños en su casa o pueden hablar al 936-523-3916 para reportar. Esto nos ayuda a dirigir los camiones a su zona a recoger los escombros. O si quieren, pueden llevar sus propios escombros a uno de los sitios públicos: 1130 Pruitt Dr. – Spring 242 – Nordeste del 1314 y 242 10990 Seven Coves Rd. – Conroe Lone Star Parkway – Montgomery Más Información: Si su coche fue remolcado, hable a la oficina de Sheriff del condado de Montgomery al 936-760-5800. Si su casa u hogar sufrió daños, hable a su agente de seguro para establecer reclamación. Guarde todos los recibos de las compras realizadas en sus esfuerzos de recuperación. Tome fotos de sus escombros para mostrar los ajustadores de FEMA cuando llegan para evaluar sus daños (no impide los camiones a recoger sus escombros).   El Programa Nacional de Seguro Contra Inundaciones (NFIP, por sus siglas en inglés) de FEMA, les permite a los propietarios de vivienda, dueños de empresas e inquilinos de las comunidades participantes en NFIP comprar seguros contra inundaciones respaldados por el Gobierno Federal. Este seguro ofrece asistencia que permite cubrir los costos de reparación de los daños por inundaciones causados a los edificios y su contenido. El seguro federal contra inundaciones no es un programa de asistencia para desastres. Es un programa de seguro establecido para ayudar a los propietarios a recuperarse más rápidamente y a un costo menor. Muchas formas de asistencia por desastre, sin embargo, requieren que usted compre y mantenga el seguro contra inundaciones por cierto tiempo para calificar. Usted necesita aprender los requisitos específicos de cada programa. (FEMA, 2017, Preparar su Reclamación Sigue estos tres pasos Después de una inundación, hable a su agente de seguro o compañía de seguro para hacer una reclamación. Después de que pasa unos días, un ajustador te va hablar. Si no te habla un ajustador, tú puedes hablar a tu compañía de seguro o tu agente de seguro. Asegúrate que tiene esta información: El nombre de su compañía de seguro. Su numero de póliza. Un número de teléfono o correo electrónico en que te pueden contactar. Separe su propiedad dañado de su propiedad que no está dañado. Su ajustador va necesidad prueba de su casa u hogar dañada y sus cosas para preparar un estimación. Toma fotos de todo dañado, incluyendo objetos desechados, daño estructural, y niveles de agua de inundación. Haga una lista de artículos dañados y perdidos. Incluye los días que lo compro, sus valor, y recibo si es posible. Los oficiales requeire la eliminación de artículos dañados. Si pueden, saca su articulos danados de su casa y ponlos de frente su yarda. Su ajustador te va dar una forma de Prueba de…

Atención: Pulverización Aérea

Pulverización Aérea Para publicación inmediatamente – 14 de Septiembre del 2017 Dependiendo de las condiciones climáticas, pulverización aérea para el condado de Montgomery está programado para comenzar mañana 14 de septiembre de 2017 cuando comienza el ocaso. La pulverización aérea depende de las condiciones climáticas y el viento, vamos a ver la pulverización hasta el 20 de septiembre del 2017. Van a pulverizar desde el atardecer hasta el amanecer. Los aviones van estar volando sobre el condado de Montgomery durante las horas del día. No se preocupen porque estos vuelos son para inspecciones, no van a pulverizar insecticida. Actividades afuera como el futbol americano van a ver aviones volando cerca de la tierra. Estos aviones son sofisticados para pulverizar insecticida y los pilotos van a parar de echar el insecticida cuando ven zonas pobladas. El insecticida que van a usar se llama Naled. Conforme a Centros para el Control de Enfermedades, cuando áreas grandes requiere tratamiento rápido, la pulverización aérea es el más efectivo y causa riesgo a los humanos, mascotas y otras animales. El insecticida se dispersa por unos aviones que tienen boquillas que crean gotitas del tamaño correcto para matar los mosquitos. Cuando los gotitas llegan a la tierra se disipa cuando tocan tierra o agua. El profesional licenciado usará una onza (una a dos cucharadas) por acre. Pueden quedarse dentro de la casa y cerrar sus ventanas y puertas cuando están pulverizando, no es necesario. Abajo hay una lista en que ustedes pueden eliminar los mosquitos: Tira el agua aguardado en botes o llantas para impedir que los mosquitos ponen sus huevos. Si no pueden eliminar su agua por ejemplo, pila para pájaros, pueden echar larvicidas (lo pueden comprar en tiendas) u otro maneras para prevenir los mosquitos a echar su huevos. O si tienen un estanque, pueden poner pescado que comen larvas. Utilice pantallas de puertas y ventanas para evitar que los mosquitos entren en su hogar, lugar de trabajo o en las escuelas. Usan repelentes aprobados por la EPA para evitar que ser picado. Los productos registrado por el EPA están confirmados de ser seguro y efectivo cuando siguen los instrucciones. Vístanse con ropa de colores claros, en pantalones largos y camisas de manga larga. Continúen visitando nuestro sitio web para más información. ###

Ongoing Recovery

ONGOING RECOVERY For Immediate release- September 5, 2017 Debris pick up has begun, Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management asks that if you have debris due to Hurricane Harvey to register under debris pickup & damage report If you received damage to your home or property, and haven’t done so already, register with FEMA at or 1-800-621-3362. If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance in registering with FEMA or debris pickup & damage reports, call 936-523-3916. FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams have begun to visit subdivisions and the shelters to begin assisting people and assessing the damage. Be safe and ask for identification; their badges will have a chip. If their badge does not have a chip report the incident to law enforcement. The Montgomery County Disaster Relief Distribution Center is open and ready to receive families affected by the floods. Over the weekend this donation and distribution center served 1104 families. Additionally, the Crisis Assistance Center received around 800 people over the last week. Falcon Steel America 3575 Pollok Conroe 77303 Tuesday-Friday, 9/5-9/8, 9am-4pm Assistance agencies are in place throughout the county to serve specific areas of the County. All donations, cash or gift card donations can be taken at any of the following hubs. North, Central, West Montgomery County: Crisis Assistance Center 1022 McCall Ave. Conroe, TX 77301, 936-539-1096, East Montgomery County: Mission Northeast 22098 Loop 494 New Caney, TX 77357 281-354-1200   South Montgomery County: Interfaith of The WOODLANDS 4242 Interfaith Way The Woodlands, TX 77381 281-367-1230 If you would like to support food distribution efforts in the county, please contact Montgomery County Food Bank, 1 Food for Life Way, Conroe, 77385, 936-539-6686, If you would like to support a local assistance agency you can contact them directly or donate online via their website. Supplies Needed: Full size shampoo & conditioner Baby Formula Clear or white large trash bags Monetary donations Gift Cards Gas cards New socks – all sizes New underwear – all sizes A 5 gallon bucket with lid 20 oz. cotton wet mop Push broom A capped Broom Squeegee Scrub Brush Cellulose sponge Leather palm work gloves Medical exam gloves Respirator mask Heavy duty garbage bags Pine-Sol Cleaner Clorox Bleach Paper Towels Toilet paper Band aids Shaving cream Hand soap Razors Continue to monitor for updates.  


HARVEY WATCHES AND WARNINGS For immediate Release- August 26, 2017 11:00 pm There are several watches and warnings in Montgomery County at this time: – Flash Flood Watch until August 30, 07:00 PM CDT – Tornado Watch in effect from August 26, 12:45 PM CDT until August 27, 02:00 AM CDT – Flood warning for Peach Creek near Splendora until Thursday evening (Minor flooding currently occurring) Harvey is now a Tropical Storm and continues to sit almost stationary in between Victoria and San Antonio. Harvey is forecast to drift in this area and move slowly north over the next 5 days. This means periods of heavy rain and catastrophic flooding remain in the forecast. Montgomery County Rainfall predictions for Saturday through Thursday are between 15 and 30 inches. Montgomery County saw roughly 4.5 inches of rain county wide today, and is forecast to receive up to 10 additional inches over the next 24 hours. At this time, Peach creek near Splendora is experiencing minor flooding with the creek forecast to continue to rise. A flood warning is currently in effect for that area. Persons with interests along these streams should keep alert to rising water. Those individuals who live near Peach creek in areas prone to flooding should make preparations to move to higher ground. Montgomery County EOC, elected officials, and first responding partners are closely monitoring the rainfall we receive in the next 12-24 hours. For help and information on preparing for disasters, download our new preparedness app ReadyMCTX to your mobile device. Now is the time to make sure preparations are in order and check your emergency kits. To receive emergency alerts to your phone or email from Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management, register at When you are creating your profile, you must check the box next to Share my Smart911 Profile with TX-Montgomery-County-911 to support emergency preparedness. Stay informed and monitor conditions for Montgomery County and the surrounding area on the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website, Facebook, or twitter, NOAA Weather Radio, KStar 99.7FM.