Moving & Storage Expenses

SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance are only for individuals or household who do not qualify for the SBA may be eligible for the following types of assistance: Moving and Storage Assistance- FEMA may provide financial assistance with eligible moving and storage expenses through the period of assistance or up to the Individual Housing Program, whichever comes first. In addition to meeting general conditions of eligibility applicants must meet the following conditions in order to receive assistance: The applicant’s primary residence was rendered uninhabitable due to the disaster. The property being moved and/or stored is considered as essential household goods (such as appliances and furniture). The applicants is moving and/or storing essential household goods to prevent additional damage and returning the items to the individual’s or household primary residence. Eligible expenses: Moving and Storage assistance may be provided for, but is not limited to, all of the following expenses: Cost for commercial moving labor Moving truck rental fee Fuel for the rental vehicle Costs for tape and boxes Storage unit fees Associate sales taxes Ineligible expenses: all of the following expenses are ineligible: Moving and storage of recreational items (fishing gear, canoes, jet skis) Costs incurred for the moving and storage of items as a preventative measure prior to the disaster. Expenses for essential personal property that is permanently moved out of the damaged pre-disaster residence and will not be returned to the applicants primary residence Optional insurance and security deposits listed on applicant’s receipts, bills, or estimates. Applicants must submit the following required documentation: Receipts, bills, or estimates with associated dates for the moving expenses. Receipts or bills with associates dates for storage expenses Statements with all of the following: The reason(s) moving and storage expenses were required A description of the essential household goods being stored Information indicating the essential household goods are being stored while repairs to the primary residence are being made Information indicating the essential household goods will be returned to the primary residence. Limitations and Exclusions: When the cause of damage is flooding and the applicant failed to maintain flood insurance as required as a condition of receiving previous federal assistance, FEMA is unable to provide assistance for the first $1,000 of moving expenses. The applicant may qualify for assistance in moving the essential personal property directly into a temporary housing unit to prevent further damage if they are returning the items back to primary residence once repairs have been completed. There is no cap for program as long as it does not exceed the $33,300 max event total.