If you are on the list for a FEMA housing unit and have questions, you can call the COG 1-877-442-2777 to speak to someone.


At this time, Montgomery County is allowing Mobile Housing Units (MHUs) and RVs under two conditions:


  1. The property is not directly in the floodway
  2. The property is not in a deeded subdivision with an active HOA/POA


Additionally, each legal city is slightly different, but for the most part, no city is allowing any units either.  There are subdivisions that will not allow either one, so if you are in a subdivision that will not allow MHU’s or RV’s, then you will need to call FEMA back, or go to a DRC, and appeal for another type of housing. 



Residents looking for buyout information, may call the Montgomery County Hotline at 936-442-7770